7 Tips for Finding your Perfect Grad Dress

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7 Tips for Finding your Perfect Grad Dress

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1. Shop Early.
We get our first shipment of dresses and trunk shows at the beginning of September and the bulk of our dresses in October. We need time to order dresses if we do not have your size. Get in to secure your dress, we DO NOT sell the same dress to the same school.

2. Bring 1 person you trust and not a whole entourage.
We know it is fun to have a lot of friends and family join you, but varying opinions can make your decision harder.

3. Saturday’s are BUSY!
If you are able to come at any other time, the grad room will likely be less busy. If you can only come Saturday enjoy the all day fashion show.

4. Wear proper underwear and bra.
Everything fits better with proper undergarments.

5. Try various styles and colours.
You never know what will look good! Let us help you pick, we have seen them all on and know what will look good on your body type.

6. Wear your hair up.
We are either zipping or lacing you into all the dresses and your hair up makes our job way easier.

7. Have fun!
This is a once in a lifetime dress, enjoy the experience!

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