About Elite

Patient, friendly and helpful staff that go out of their way. These ladies actually love their jobs and it shows! Highly recommended.

—Dallis Smith

Locally owned and run by three close friends for over fifteen years, Lacombe’s Elite Bridal and Fashion Boutique began as a small bridal shop before running out of space and expanding to our current address on 50th Ave. Today, we are more like a boutique department store with an entire floor (The Grad Room) dedicated to grad and prom, plus, a surprisingly large selection of lines for bridal, bridesmaids’ dresses, special occasion, everyday apparel, undergarments, accessories and not forgetting footwear—all available locally.

Elite’s philosophy is simple:
hand-picked clothing and accessories we really love, combined with dedicated, friendly, professional service. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gown for the big occasion or some cool pumps or a bamboo layer, we’ll give you attentive, expert help—with no pressure.

Today, customers drive from all over Alberta, drawn by our extensive, up-to-the-minute, well-priced selections and celebrated customer service. It’s been an exciting, sometimes hectic journey, but it’s all worth it when we see one of our dresses on a happy bride or someone leaving the store with a big smile on her face knowing she has exactly the right purchase. Visiting Elite at Lacombe feels like shopping with your best friend—and we’re looking forward to welcoming you.

See you soon! xoxo e e

Who We Are

I LOVE my job. I’m so happy that fifteen years ago Jill (who’s also my sister) was reading the classifieds and came across a little bridal shop for sale in Lacombe. I was a teacher at the time and it seemed like a scary endeavour, but I certainly have no regrets. It’s been a fun challenge expanding Elite over the years to our current 7,700 sq ft store full of things we love.

When I’m not working, I am doing my best to keep up with my husband and three busy kids. I love spending time with family, watching all my kids’ activities, as well as running, puttering in my garden and, like a good Canadian, getting away for the odd recharge in the mountains.


Jill on Sara:

Sara is a super hard worker who is always ready to give her best. She gives everyone she works with her full attention and when anyone comes into the store Sara will rack her brain to come up with that special something and make sure they leave happy. Sara has an infectious laugh that makes all customers feel at home. And she has a great sense of style and often pushes us out of our norm when choosing new lines for the store.

Co-owner of Elite Bridal since 2002, I’ve seen this business change from a small, completely bridal shop and into a mix of bridal, regular clothing and footwear. Working in the shop is always a treat and never boring. Every customer is different and it’s always fun trying to figure out what each person wants. It’s finding that special something—whether it’s the perfect work outfit, ideal wedding gown or just some comfy shoes—so that they leave Elite smiling that makes me happy. Every day is an adventure and I am really fortunate to have the opportunity to work in this very special store.

In my spare time, I truly just enjoy being with my family and friends. I have three girls who give me hours of sports to spectate and a husband who loves to farm. While I enjoy watching and coaching my girls and being in the combine, I also love to dress up and come to the store, which makes my life full and a little bit crazy! It’s equally important to me to give back to the great community I live in and I try to help out wherever I can.


Sara on Jill:

Jill will attempt anything and is truly a jack (perhaps that should be Jill) of all trades. From manning the books to laying our flooring, she really can and does do it all. Her confidence and courage push us to try new things and have definitely made her Elite’s Top Model.

Born and raised in Central Alberta, I grew up loving to be outside and doing all things sporty. These days, I’m very happy to be in Lacombe raising a family and growing a business in the very community I was raised. I’ve been a partner in Elite Bridal with Jill and Sara for the past ten years, and every day I love coming to work with our awesome staff. I am very proud of our business and how it has grown over the last decade.

Besides working and running the store, my favourite thing is spending time with my family. I am happily married to my handsome husband, Steven. Together, we’re raising our three wonderful daughters, Hailee, Madison and Payton. We love watching and coaching our children in their various sports, going for walks, laughing and having a good time. And as anyone who’s met me knows, I love being spontaneous and interacting with people.


Jill on Traci:

Traci is the quarterback of our store, she has a memory like no other. She’s the one who keeps us all organized. Traci has the best sense of humour and can bond with anyone that walks through the door—she’s even had a couple stalkers! Traci always sees every side of any situation and weighs it all out to make fair decisions. And she’s always looking for the next trend to bring our way.


Sara on Traci:

Traci loves people, works tremendously hard and is always challenging us to think outside the box. She is the keystone of Elite and makes sure it runs like a well-oiled machine. Working with Traci is entertaining, fair and super fun. She is one of a kind!