10 Tips for Successful Wedding Gown Shopping at Elite

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10 Tips for Successful Wedding Gown Shopping at Elite

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Say What!?! Yes, we want you to have a fun, relaxing experience. Come when it works best for you. If you can, avoid Saturday’s, they are the busiest. Shopping on a random Tuesday or Wednesday will likely land you with the salon to yourself.

2. Bring only your best supporters and very few of them.
Too many opinions makes the experience less enjoyable.

3. Start Early.
Wedding Gowns can take at least 6 months to order, make sure you allow time so you are not rushed.

4. Have a budget and tell us.
This will allow us to pick dresses within your range.

5. Wear nude underwear and bra.
Proper underwear always helps to make the gowns fit better.

6. Wear your hair up.
We are constantly zipping or lacing you in or out of a dress so having your hair up makes our job easier.

7. Keep an Open Mind.
Select many different styles to try on as you never know what will look good. Let us pick you out dresses – we have seen them all on and know what will look good on your body type. We also know which dresses are the hidden gems and may not look as good hanging on the rack.

8. Buy a dress that fits now.
Your body type is not going to completely change and besides it is much easier to take a gown in than out.

9. Be prepared for extra costs.
Almost everyone needs alterations. It will cost extra to have your gown fitted perfectly to your figure.

10. Ask Questions.
We are here to help! Relax and enjoy your shopping day!

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